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Custom Enclosures

Unique Applications

IEC can provide solutions to fit most enclosure applications. We thrive on helping our customer solve problems that others can’t. When the tough get going we get started!

Custom Stainless Steel Enclosures

IEC has a 40 year history of servicing a wide variety of industrial and commercial industries with stainless steel enclosures. We excel in providing turn-key custom stainless steel enclosures from outdoor applications where the elements become a factor to indoor food grade applications that have specific and precise requirements.


In certain applicaitons Nema 3R construction may provide a more cost effective solution versus Nema 12 construction. While this style can allow water in the enclosure it must have a way to drain out and the water level can not reach any live components. IEC has been encouraging customers to look at N3R as an option for certain applications to help save our customers money without sacrificing functionality. We recommend galvanized or galvannealed material for a long term rust free performance.

Consoles / Work Stations

Custom consoles, work stations, and operator interface enclosures is our strength. When done right these enclosures can provide operators with a easy, convenient, and efficient work space. We pay attention to all of the details and can offer a wide variety of options that others can’t.


If your enclosure application calls for EMI / RFI protection we can help. Our EMI /RFI shielded enclosures are currently being used by the United States Department of Defense throughout the country. We understand the process, documentation, and requirements for EMI / RFI shielded enclosures.

Enclosure Color & Finish

IEC excels in providing our customers with a finish that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. When a non-standard finish is required IEC answers the call. From a premium polish on stainless steel or aluminum to multi-color powder or liquid paint jobs, IEC can provide a high quality custom finish.

Thermal Management Solutions

Fans / Filters / AC Units / Venting / Heating

IEC can provide you with custom thermal management solutions from simple fan and filter arrangements to unique air flow baffling systems and even enclosure insulation. If your application requires managing temperature and air flow IEC can be your one stop shop. Contact an authorized IEC sales rep for further details.

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